Shipping and Returns


DPD Europe Zone 1 : 9,50 EUR

Autria, Belgium, Danmark (+10 EUR), Estonia (+10 EUR), Netherlands (+10 EUR), Lithuanua,

Luxembourg, Latvia, Germany (+10 EUR), Slovakia, Ukraine, Hongary, Czech Republic.

2 to 5 working days.

DPD Europe Zone 2 : 13,00 EUR

Bulgaria, Finland (+20EUR), France (+10 EUR), Guernsey (+10 EUR), Jersey (+10 EUR),

Lichtenstein (+10 EUR), Roumania, Slovenia, Switzerland (+45 EUR), Sweden (+15 EUR)

Great Britain & Irland (+10 EUR), Italia (+15 EUR), Isle of Man (+10 EUR).

2 to 5 working days.

In case of a temporary unavailability, we will update you of a new delivery date. If you prefer, you can request the cancellation or modification of your order. You can contact us to check the availability of the Products before placing an order :

The risks of transportation to the delivery address are borne by LE CHARDON.

In case of a missing or damaged good, the customer has the obligation to inform LE CHARDON according to the following disclaimer :

Apparent damage to the packaging :

A report on the state of the packaging and the Products is drawn up by the carrier or his agent on the transport document.

Non-apparent damage to the packaging :

A report or complaint on the state of the packaging and the Products is made by letter, or email, with a copy of the receipt and addressed to the carrier within three days (3) days after delivery.

In both cases, a copy of the statement must be sent to LE CHARDON by mail and / or email to within ten (10) days of delivery.


You have 30 days to try your quilt. If it does not suit you, please contact us to arrange a return of the product and a possible refund.