How to maintain my LE CHARDON quilt?
Washing your alpaca duvet with water would inevitably cause a felting of the wool and render it unusable. Not to worry, alpaca wool is self-cleaning as long as it has enough air circulation, which means frequent ventilation is enough to keep your quilt clean. In the event of a spillage, it is possible to use a damp cloth to clean a small area of the duvet. You can also use a combination of vinegar and water if the stain is difficult to remove.
If it is a large or very difficult to remove stain, a gentle program of dry cleaning by a professional is recommended.

Which duvet cover to choose in addition to my duvet?
It is our hope and ambition to be able to provide our customers with the best quality bed linen for our products - in the near future. For the moment our advice is simple: in order to enjoy your duvet as much as possible, and to maintain the quality of you LE CHARDON duvet, we recommend to use duvet covers in natural materials. Linen, cotton, silk or satin are the perfect natural, breathable, materials to use as duvet covers. Synthetic fibers are not recommended.
N’utilisez pas matériaux synthétiques, cela diminuerait votre expérience de nos couettes.

Is it normal that small amounts of wool fall out of my duvet?
Our duvets are all natural so we do not use chemically sealed textile wraps to keep the fiber inside the duvet. We have chosen our cotton so that its mesh is as dense as possible without altering the characteristics of our alpaca wool. We all have a different way of sleeping, and some will see tiny amounts of wool escaping from their duvet, while others will not. No worries, if it happens to you it is a natural phenomenon which was taken into account during the design of our duvets.

Why choose alpaca wool?
Alpaca wool is a rare and sought-after material with an excellent thermal insulation, which allows our customers to use their duvets all-year round. It is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber which has the added benefit that it allows the evaporation of water particles.
If you are looking for the ideal duvet whatever the season, alpaca wool is the material for you!
Alpaca wool is a far superior product to duck or goose down, with a much better insulation score and the added lightness of the material. No more uncomfortable and heavy wool quilts, alpaca wool will give you the ultimate luxury of a quilt that is both lightweight and insulating, as well as being extremely comfortable.
The alpaca is a very sensitive animal that may not be maltreated or overbred. A happy flock is the guarantee of a high-quality harvest and happy animals!

If you are looking for a natural duvet, high quality and designed with respect for animal welfare, our duvets are waiting for you!