Alpacas try them you'll love them!

From the Andes mountains to the European plains

The common history of man and alpaca goes back over 4000 years.Originally from the Cordillera Andes, cousin of the llama and the vicuna, the alpaca is a small camelidae - it is also the one whose fleece is the most used. Of a docile and sociable nature, alpacas live in harmony with their nature and surroundings, without being harmful or destructive. The soft pads under their feet protect the ground of the place they call home. They are robust animals that consume, on average, three times less water (and half the plant material!) as sheep do.


Each spring, our alpacas are shorn for their comfort, to free them from their thick winter fleeces and to prepare them for summer temperatures. This is the last step of our alpaca rearing. In no way are the alpacas harmed by the sheering and this in turn guarantees the highest quality fibers for our clients!

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Each of them will provide between three and six kilos of wool per shearing for fifteen years, and they are able to live up to twenty years, spending the last years of their lives in retirement at our farm.

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