There is only one step between the alpaca and the end-product.

Six kilometers to be exact!

Once harvested in our meadows and according to our own methods, the wool is first cleaned by hand, in order to remove the impurities accumulated during the year.
It is then washed with natural soaps, rinsed and dried slowly.Once clean, we select only the best quality fibers, before being mechanically carded.In our workshops, this cloud of wool is then slipped between two cotton cloths to be held in place in its envelope by a quilting process.The surplus of wool ensures an even distribution of the fibers over the entire surface of the quilt which is then shaved to allow the closing of the perimeter of the quilt. Once closed each quilt is meticulously inspected to our quality specifications, before being packed.

Thermoregulation :To resist the very strong thermal amplitudes of the Andean plateaux (from -25 ° to 35 °), alpacas have developed a very special "wool" fiber. It is actually a mid-wool half-horse fiber of great finesse (12 - 25 microns). At its center one can find a medullary canal (own horsehair). The microscopic air pockets contained in this channel offer it its power of thermal insulation. It will keep you warm during the winter nights, and will adjust to changes in temperature while you sleep.

Breathable :Alpaca fiber is said to be hygroscopic as it has the ability to absorb and release moisture. It will keep you cool and dry during the summer.

Hypoallergenic :Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fleece is free of lanolin (waterproofing grease), so allergens do not adhere to its non-greasy surface. In addition, due to its temperature regulatory and breathable qualities, alpaca wool repels mites.

100 % Natural :Cleaned with natural soaps and mechanically carded, our alpaca wool does not undergo any chemical treatment.

L'enveloppe wrap : it meets the quality standard "Oeko Tex 100" (category I, infant), first label to ensure the human and ecological qualities of textiles, free of any toxic products for the body and the environment . In collaboration with the best Italian craftsmen we have developed a high density mesh cotton percale whose regulating and breathable properties are in perfect unison with our wool.

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